PICTURED ABOVE: This is all you install on each wheel and you are
ready to go.  The jam nut locks the AirTek valve onto the valve stem in just
seconds.  The miniature valve only weighs 1/3 of an ounce.
PICTURED ABOVE:  The 7/16'' jam nut is placed onto valve stem
followed by the AirTek valve that has a nylon gasket that seats and
seals the AirTek valve to the stem.  Finally,  back the nut into the fitting to
secure on the wheel.
PICTURED ABOVE:  Installed and ready to go.  Installation for each
fitting literally takes seconds.  Note:  
All quick connect fittings are normally
closed valves so you absolutely lose no pressure when connecting and
disconnecting or checking air pressure with the AirTek System.
PICTURED ABOVE:  Male coupler is plugged into female fitting
35100, tires can now be checked individually with the trigger grip
manifold, or through the quad manifold as you will see in the next few
PICTURED ABOVE:  One of the most critical aspects of race car
preparation is scaling the car;  factors such as spring rates, shock
settings, ballast and tire pressure along with other factors go into this
extremely important process.  The AirTek System will give you infinite and
instant tire pressure control on all four corners of the car when in the
scaling process.
PICTURED ABOVE:  All of the lines have been cut to length and run
to the quad manifold.  Once the air lines are set for each wheel hooking
them is quick and easy.  The Tygon line used (tygothane) is as tough as
it gets and can be wound around your finger without kinking.  The Quad
Manifold System comes standard with enough line to cut to length for
any race car set-up.
PICTURED ABOVE:  Here you can see all four tires are hooked up to
the Quad Manifold (PN - 33500) and now you are ready to start adjusting
air pressures.  The (4) switches on the quad manifold (1 for each tire)
allow you to set pressures of multiples or (1) at a time.  For example:  If
you wanted the left front and right rear identical in pressure you simply flip
those two switches and the two tires will become perfectly equal in
pressure.  You can then read pressure, bleed pressure or add pressure
to those (2) tires as a unit and they will always be identical.  In short,
AirTek allows you to set each individual tire or any combination of 1-4 tire
pressures at the same time.  You have the capability of infinite adjustment
and setting of those individual pressures to within (one hundredth of a
PICTURED ABOVE:  Full shot of the AirTek System as the pressures
are being set.  AirTek gives you speed, flexibility and the utmost accuracy
when the car is being set up.  
The engineering and science involved in motorsports today, has everyone so close to being on the same page that extremely small changes and
extremely small amounts of time, separate the winners from the losers!  The AirTek System is the leading technology in on track motorsports tire
pressure control.  In addition our quad valve manifold system is the solution for that ever elusive perfect race car set-up!
Setting up race cars is a tedious and time consuming process. The AirTek Pressure Controls System gives a racer the accuracy needed to get the
set up right  when scaling, corner weighting, adjusting shocks and positioning ballast.  It is critical to have the proper tire pressure on each corner
when setting up a race car.
PICTURED ABOVE:  Setting one tire or any combination of tire
pressures is instantly achieved with a simple flip of a switch or switches
on the quad manifold
The pictures below illustrate the individual tire pressure accuracy you can achieve with the AirTek System.  Note:  We are bleeding the tire pressure
down in 1 one hundredth of a pound increments.  The same results for all (4) tires can be accomplished when using the Quad Valve Manifold.  Also
Note: The Schrader valve in the bottom portion of the trigger grip manifold, this allows you to add pressure as well as bleed and read.
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