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Road Racing / Circle Track Applications

AirTek Pressure Controls can and will astound you with capabilities of setting tire pressures to within one 1/100 of a pound, and it will repeat reading and settings time after time.  AirTek Pressure Controls will allow you to check pressure, release pressure or add pressure all in one hand held manifold.  Our permanent valve stem fittings allow instant connection to the tire and wheel. You then have a closed loop system that eliminates any pressure loss or variables no matter what function you are implementing ie. adding pressure, checking pressure, or reading pressure.  AirTek even has a changeable jet to regulate the air bleed rate for various tire sizes.  AirTek allows individual tire pressure regulation and also offers (4) tire pressure control with our all new quad manifold system. The quad system allows regulation and setting of pressures in all (4) tires at once. This is the ultimate tool in final chassis set-up for all types of oval and road race cars.

Road Racing / Circle Track Product Recommendations

Product Benefits

  • Fill, Bleed, and Read all in one handheld manifold

  • Set Pressure within 1/100th of a pound

  • Screw On fitting fits all industry standard Schrader Valves

  • Bolt In fitting will replace standard Schrader Valves offering a lower profile and faster bleed rate

  • Instant connection offering a closed loop system between Gauge and Tire never loosing pressure when connecting or disconnecting

  • Variable bleed jets to accommodate smaller and larger tires

  • The ability to set-up all 4 tires with the Quad Manifold

  • The Quad Manifold offers to adjust 1 corner or all 4 corners at one time

  • The Quad Manifold is ideal for scaling and/or corner weighting

Performance Advantage

Small gains in performance equal lots of money and lots of time in this day and age. Not only that, truly innovative ways to gain in performance are few and far between.  AirTek Pressure Controls System will revolutionize the way racers in all forms of motorsports control and monitor tire pressure.

Setting up race cars is a tedious and time consuming process. The AirTek Pressure Controls System gives a racer the accuracy needed to get the set up right  when scaling, corner weighting, adjusting shocks and positioning ballast. It is critical to have the proper tire pressure on each corner when setting up a race car. We all know the old saying that horsepower doesn’t do you any good if you can’t put it on the ground.  This goes for every form of motorsports.

Your tires are the only thing on the ground so you better take as much control of their function as you possibly can.

The system technology of AirTek is just common sense.  Taking advantage of the high degree of accuracy and repeatability of todays high end gauges is all but impossible.  The century old technology of todays valve stems (Schrader valves) and the manual pig tail air chuck and gauge, simply won’t cut it!  This method is not accurate and will not repeat pressure readings.  The AirTek trigger grip manifold and our specially designed valve stems form a closed loop system that takes full advantage of todays high end gauges. Plug it in and you have the option of reading pressure, adding pressure or bleeding pressure.  This is literally a click in-click out quick connect tire valve. You loose no air pressure connecting-disconnecting or reading pressure. You will get pressure readings that repeat within 1/100th of a pound time after time. You can also change the bleeder jet size (orifice size) to fit the needs of a go kart sized tire all the way to a Top Fuel Dragster Tire.  AirTek combines all facets of tire pressure regulation in one hand held trigger grip manifold.

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